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The dryer efficient energy-saving system is the dryer exhausted hot air, the energy efficient conversion system, absorb heat exhaust moisture. In the use of US aviation nano-thermal radiation recovery technology (invention patent) to absorb the heat of the injection molding machine barrel to achieve waste heat collection and reuse, can save the dryer drying raw materials and the consumption of electricity, and will not produce the normal use of injection molding machine Impact, energy saving effect is obvious, dehumidification effect is obvious. At the same time due to the heat discharged from the barrel to reduce the ambient temperature of the production workshop, indirectly reduce the air-conditioning costs. 

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1. Product Application: injection dryer 
2. Product specifications: According to the user's dryer and tailored to meet the different specifications of equipment; 
3. Direct income: saving rate of 50% -80%, 12 months or so to recover the investment; 
4. Indirect income: workshop temperature reduction, saving cooling costs; improve the working environment, improve staff efficiency; 
Commitment: saving rate of less than 50%, Leica bear all the cost of transformation, and restore the original conditions. 

First, the dryer efficient energy-saving system principle product advantages 

1. Compared with the traditional dryer, the system can save more than 50% of the power consumption, energy saving effect is remarkable. 
2. The system maintenance-free, durable and normal use of more than 15 years. 
3. Dehumidification effect is obvious, eliminating the dehumidification device: the dryer exhausted hot air containing moisture and dust, after a high efficiency heat exchanger conversion to heat absorption and reuse, moisture dust discharge, the elimination of water is heated by the heat exchanger Way to evaporate the water, and then after the fan condensation to the heating tube heating, the use of dehumidifier runner principle, so our products have a certain simple dehumidification effect. 
4. The injection molding machine tube radiation heat energy collection and utilization, reducing the production workshop temperature. 
5. Optimize the workshop environment, the effective collection of smoke and dust: smoke and dust through the efficient heat exchanger, the product comes with a specific recovery bag, not directly discharged to the workshop, Leica dryer efficient energy-saving system is maintenance-free, Different from the hot air reclaimer on the market, to avoid the cumbersome work of replacing the cleaning filter. 

Second, the dryer energy efficient system energy saving improvement project investment analysis 

Now choose four different types of dryers for energy-saving investment analysis, as follows: 
(Special statement: any data in this program only for evaluation reference) 
1. Test machine temperature: 120 degrees 

① in the table "before the transformation" refers to no energy-saving transformation of the injection dryer. 
② "after the transformation" refers to the installation of "dryer efficient energy-saving system," the normal energy-saving situation. 
Electricity price by 0.8 yuan / degree, 24 hours a day, 26 days a month, 12 months per year calculation.