Questions    |      2017-10-26
Recently, the National Federation of Industry and Commerce Chamber of Commerce Chamber of Commerce released an analysis of the article said that China's environmental protection industry is in the merger, integration of the large cycle, this trend will continue this year, and will be more active. According to the National Federation of Industry and Commerce Chamber of Commerce statistics, a quarter of environmental protection mergers and acquisitions, financing cases have more than 30 pen, nearly five percent involved in the amount of more than 100 million yuan. Industry analysis, for environmental protection companies, if only limited to a certain area, space is limited, it is difficult to enlarge, with a large number of environmentally friendly enterprises gradually grow this year, China's environmental protection industry is expected to continue to increase the scale of mergers and acquisitions. 

Enterprises to accelerate Baotuan 

National Federation of Industry and Commerce Chamber of Commerce official said that this year, environmental protection industry mergers and acquisitions industry consolidation is still a big trend, the number of cases will be more and more, especially in the traditional environmental protection areas of mergers and acquisitions will be more active. "Through mergers and acquisitions to achieve the main business growth or regional expansion, expand the industrial chain, build integrated environmental service providers, environmental protection is a major feature of the development of listed companies." The official said that such initiatives can also make their own development pattern In clarity and stability. According to reports, in the first quarter of this year, as few as several hundred thousand dollars, up to more than 10 billion euros in financing, mergers and acquisitions in the environmental protection industry is the emergence of explosive growth, including the completion of the North in March to the German waste incineration power generation market Accounting for the first 100% of the German EEW waste energy use company acquisition; State Power 1.218 billion acquisition of Longyuan environmental desulfurization facilities assets and other well-known mergers and acquisitions are occurred within the first three months. 

"Last year, the State Council issued a policy to encourage environmental pollution third-party governance, followed by the beginning of this year, the relevant ministries disclosed details of the implementation of the rules, so that environmental protection enterprises to find an opportunity for expansion." Pangu think tank academic committee vice director, chairman of National Energy Group Bai Yunfeng , A quarter of mergers and acquisitions, financing activity activity increased significantly, mainly because the development of environmental protection enterprises so far, the assets of tens of millions of dollars the company has a lot, but limited by the listing difficult, so need to find a more powerful "patron" And the scale of hundreds of millions of enterprises in the short term is also difficult to achieve rapid growth in profits, the bank's light assets of private environmental protection enterprises credit line control more stringent, so the integration of related enterprises to form a cooperation is imperative, this year, environmental protection industry into financing "New Year" is a foregone conclusion. 

Get rid of government pay 

Environmental protection industry mergers and acquisitions tide after the emergence of some experts said that the field of environmental protection mergers and acquisitions, the financing of most of the amount is still small, a few million dollars, hundreds of thousands of co-operation abound, which may appear behind the problem: China's environmental protection market is still small, business development for the government's dependence is still high.

It is undeniable that at present, the government's environmental order is still a piece of cake that environmental protection companies can not ignore. GF Securities has released data show that as of the end of April last year, A-share listed companies have disclosed a total of 1550 PPP projects, Breaking the 2.2 trillion yuan, of which more than 239 environmental projects, with a total investment of more than 127 billion yuan, at the same time, local governments have also introduced environmentally friendly PPP project package. There have been incomplete statistics show that in the published PPP promotion projects, the ecological environment in the field to occupy a significant advantage, of which, Anhui Province, environmental protection projects accounted for 62% of all PPP projects. In fact, the enterprise for the government orders this source of income has always been very important, Beijing Green Water Technology Co., Ltd. executive vice president He Xinping had to Beijing Business Daily reporter "complained" that the Beijing urban sewage treatment projects are almost all state-owned monopoly, Private money is difficult to share a cup of soup. 

In this regard, Bai Yunfeng did not agree, he said that companies want the government endorsement for the environmental protection market, pay really exist, relatively concentrated in the water pollution control, waste disposal areas, because these industries are franchise, must be signed by the government , But with China's environmental standards gradually increased, the market's environmental protection, pollution control needs have increased, especially in the field of air pollution has almost no government pay behavior, and for the entire environmental protection industry, the market demand accounted for almost You can pay the government to pay the project. 

Activate the environmental market 

"In the current market after the reshuffle, the future, the environmental protection industry, mergers and acquisitions may also be a year and a half to two years, after which the industry will burst out of a number of initial scale of 40 billion -60 billion business , Become the leading enterprises in the industry. "Bai Yunfeng analysis said that after years, China's environmental protection enterprises are mainly labor-intensive and other types of enterprises, and now have the ability to operate capital of environmental protection enterprises have greater room for development, lack of capital tools Of the company can only be more able to integrate the company. 

So, what are the key pieces of activation of a larger scale environmental market? For the future third-party pollution control market, Beijing Public Environmental Research Center Director Ma Jun often "supervision in place" four words on the mouth. In his view, this should become the government to monitor another sword of third-party pollution control enterprises, and sewage companies have paid and paid interest, but may become illegal and more illegal umbrella, at the same time, Only for the supervision of sewage enterprises, penalties are not discounted, and even strictly, in order to force enterprises to fully release the environmental needs. 

In addition, Tsinghua University School of Environment Professor Zhang Tianzhu view, the third party pollution control mechanism requires a system to clear.For example, in the sewage side funded the employment of third-party pollution control corporate governance pollution, if the re-emergence of illegal acts, how to determine the responsibility and commitment; enterprises and third-party pollution control companies should be clear with the end of pollution or from Production to the whole process of sewage and so on.