Company News    |      2017-10-26
April 7, the Ministry of Environmental Protection Party members, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection in the Environmental Protection Department discipline inspection team leader Zhou Ying presided over the meeting to carry out the implementation of the central eight provisions of the spirit of remediation "four wind" special inspection work to mobilize the deployment. All members of the inspection team and the relevant comrades in the discipline inspection team attended the meeting. 

Zhou Ying pointed out that to carry out the implementation of the central eight provisions of the spirit of the "four winds" special inspection, is to promote the "four winds" to look back at the work of solid and effective work to carry out important initiatives to profoundly understand the importance of inspection work.General Secretary Xi Jinping repeatedly warned the whole party, style building forever on the road, must always keep unremitting. Since the 18th Party Congress, the Ministry of Environmental Protection has attached great importance to the party, conscientiously implement the central deployment and requirements, the implementation of the central eight provisions of the spirit of the "four winds" as a major political task, placed in a prominent position, Style construction effect is further apparent. However, from the inspection, auditing, investigation and handling of cases and other aspects of the problems reflected, "four wind" problem in some units still exist in varying degrees. The special inspection, is to adhere to the problem-oriented, take an effective way to focus on the development of remediation measures are targeted, the implementation of the system can be implemented, the results of wind construction can be recognized by cadres and masses, there are short And the lack of supervision and supervision of the party organizations in the ideological and action on the central eight more emphasis on the implementation of the spirit and the "four winds" rectification work, and earnestly and comprehensively strict and strict management of the main responsibility and supervision of the party.

Zhou Ying to do a good job on the special inspection work 4:00 request: First, focus on finding the problem. Inspection team to effectively enhance the sense of responsibility and mission, the control of 12 aspects of the inspection items one by one inspection, combined with the actual inspection unit, focus on the implementation of the central eight provisions of the spirit of the "four winds" outstanding problems, Woodpecker "spirit, good at finding the problem, dare to point out the problem, so that" four winds "problem no escape. Second, compaction work responsibility. To be carried out through the inspection will be implemented in a comprehensive and strict governance of the "two responsibilities" of the pressure to the inspection unit of the party organization, compact, compaction, supervision and inspection units to further strengthen the responsibility to fulfill the "two responsibilities" Will not be deducted will be fully strict management of the requirements of the implementation of the party. Third, urging and improving measures. To be checked by the inspection and supervision of the unit to really take the responsibility to rectify the burden of rectification measures to implement, closely around the weaknesses of the wind construction and the existence of outstanding problems, the development of practical rectification program, refine and improve the corrective measures, The implementation of the responsibility to the people, to promote the problem to be effectively resolved, style building has been strengthened. Four is to strengthen the conscious consciousness. Inspection team as a person to check someone else, must lead by example, strengthen self-consciousness, is the first person to do, to be their own, their own hard; to bold work, do not take care, take the lead in implementing the central eight provisions of the spirit, do a solid Check the work, set up a good image of the inspection team. At the same time, through the inspection, to strengthen the inspection unit of self-conscious, self-awareness, so that they further realize that the implementation of the central eight provisions of the spirit of long-term tasks, political tasks, must be pegged to "four winds" and then more consciously in accordance with the central And the deployment of the party group requirements, the spirit of the central eight provisions of the implementation of good, Chi do not grasp the "four winds" remediation.