Solution     |      2017-10-26
First, with the shopping malls over the age of hunger competition is increasingly fierce, most companies are faced with the situation of declining profits, which can only be developed from the strong market and the cost of empty two aspects of control. In contrast, cost control is easy to implement. The risk is also smaller. In all costs, electricity is a major cost. 

According to the China Chain Store & Franchise Association published "business super energy industry survey report" shows that China's supermarket shopping industry there is a surprising energy consumption. The survey of the country's 20 business area of 8,000 square meters in the large-scale integrated shopping malls and supermarkets, the average annual electricity consumption of 1.45 million kwh, the total cost of electricity to be paid about 1.3 million / year, accounting for total sales of stores Of the retail profit of only 1% to 2% of retail sales today, to commercial electricity billions per dollar, saving the cost of electricity is equivalent to an increase of about 100 yuan in retail sales. Power consumption in the supermarkets in the possession of a large proportion of all the energy consumption, the main electrical equipment, lighting equipment, central air conditioning, escalators and refrigerator freezer, electric baking (baking) boxes and other electrical equipment, lighting equipment, Shopping malls supermarket electricity consumption of 40% -50%, air conditioning, electricity accounted for about 25% -35%, escalators and refrigerator freezer, electric baking (baking) boxes and other equipment consumption of about 15% -25%. Energy-saving For retailers, especially for larger-scale chains, it is more attractive to increase the amount of retail sales that can be achieved by appropriate energy-saving measures. 

Second, shopping malls supermarket energy consumption of waste analysis 

(A), for the transmission system is inefficient 

1, the transformer efficiency is low: the use of supermarkets, transformers use efficiency is not high, especially at night the transformer almost no load operation, resulting in large loss of transformer itself, the voltage change rate is high; 

2, power supply line loss: due to shopping malls supermarket electricity equipment, power lines branch, long, apparent power, there is a large skin effect loss and thermal resistance loss, resulting in terminal voltage drop, power efficiency Significantly reduced, and there is a certain security risks T5 lamps, metal halide lamps and so on. a, lighting equipment are mostly inductive load, power factor more than 0.5-0.8 between, there is a lot of reactive power loss; b, single-phase power supply, the line there are serious three-phase imbalance, resulting in zero sequence current is too large , Power loss increases. c, the working voltage will generally be higher than the rated value, not only can not make the lighting more effective work, but lead to equipment heat and premature damage, reduce lamp life.