Questions    |      2017-10-26
Following this year, Guizhou will be Nanping River, Beipanjiang River, Red River, all Liujiang, Niulanjiang - Hengjiang (including grass sea) into the planning, after the implementation of the ecological environment of Chishui River, Wujiang River, Fully open the eight river basin ecological civilization system reform action. 

Accumulated the experience of water can be copied Guizhou rivers belong to the Yangtze River and the Pearl River two watershed. The Yangtze River Basin includes the Niulan River - Hengjiang River, Chishui River - Qijiang River, Wujiang River and Yuanjiang River Basin. The basin area is 115,700 square kilometers, accounting for 65.7% of the total area. Pearl River Basin, including Nanpanjiang, Beipanjiang, Red River, are Liujiang River, watershed area of about 61,000 square kilometers, accounting for 34% of the province's area. 
Guizhou Province, the provincial government has always attached great importance to the watershed water environment protection, especially in the Yangtze River Basin water pollution prevention and control work, every year Wujiang, Chishui River and other watershed as a key river basin to strengthen pollution prevention and ecological environment protection, has accumulated a copy of the water control experience. 

Guizhou Province has implemented ecological and civilized system reform in Chishui River and Wujiang River Basin, and implemented ecological compensation mechanism in Qingshui River, Hongfeng Lake and Chishui River, and implemented river system in eight provinces.

"Water Pollution Prevention Action Plan" after the release of Guizhou Province, the establishment of water pollution control action plan joint meeting system, the provincial leaders in charge of the convenor, the provincial unit as a member of the unit, held a regular meeting to study major measures. 
In 2015, the Guizhou provincial government has approved and implemented the "Wujiang River Basin Water Environment Protection Plan (2015-2020)" and "Wujiang River Basin Water Pollution Control Ecological Compensation Measures", and effectively do the Three Gorges reservoir area and upstream water pollution control jobs. 
By speeding up the elimination of backward production capacity, issued by the task of supervision and supervision and further promote cleaner production and other measures, Guizhou effectively strengthen the river basin industrial enterprises pollution control, to minimize the production of wastewater discharge. 

Guizhou Province has shut down the river basin within the Guiyang City Minmetals (Guizhou) ferroalloy limited liability company, Guizhou Longhui Paper Development Co., Ltd. 16 high energy consumption, high pollution enterprises, a total elimination of backward production capacity of 1007,000 tons.Concentrated remediation of the important tributary of the Wujiang River, Weng'an River, has 23 river phosphorus chemical industry, coal mine enterprises to implement a plant a governance program, a factory a processing facilities. 
Safeguarding residents' drinking water safety is the most important task of environmental protection. In recent years, Guizhou Province has completed the prefecture-level and above the concentration of drinking water sources of water environment assessment work, submitted to the provincial government approved the implementation of the "Guizhou Province drinking water source environmental protection approach", strictly control the drinking water source protection area and Quasi-protected areas within the various development and construction activities. 
"Twelve Five" period, the province has arranged 74.4 million yuan of special funds for environmental protection, centralized drinking water for the comprehensive improvement of the environment, focusing on the protection of domestic sewage and garbage pollution. At present, all the centralized drinking water sources in the county of Guizhou province have been designated as protected areas, the total number of 163. 
At the same time, Guizhou to strengthen the town (township) drinking water source environmental protection, in 2014 completed 100 demonstration of small towns centralized drinking water source protection area, 2015 completed the township and rural more than 1,000 concentrated drinking water source protection District work, more than 1,200 people concentrated drinking water sources into the division work. 
In 2015, the Yangtze River Basin in Guizhou Province, a total of 59 monitoring sections, 47 river cross-section water quality to achieve excellent water quality standards, Sanchahe Longyuan, Chishui River silver carp Creek, Wujiang Wang water ferry 3 assessment section water quality to class Ⅱ. 

Focus on the water quality protection "in view of the overall water quality of the eight basins for the fine, the ecological civilization system reform focus on water quality protection." Guizhou Provincial Environmental Protection Office Director Xiong Dewei told reporters this year began to implement the eight river basin reform, will Chishui River, Wujiang, Qingshui River on the basis of the effectiveness of the development of ecological civilization reform work program, the implementation of a domain strategy. 
According to the previous pilot model of river basin reform, Guizhou Province will start this year to implement the Nanping River and other river basin environmental protection system, ecological compensation mechanism, ecological protection red line system, agricultural and rural pollution remediation reform, ecological environmental protection supervision and administrative law enforcement system reform , Environmental pollution third party governance and so on. 
For the eight rivers and lakes of the first and second tributary, Guizhou Province will deepen the implementation of the river system, layers of implementation of state, county, township water pollution control responsibility, fully integrated resources, strengthen the linkage mechanism, comprehensive water pollution prevention and control work The Environmental protection of the river is not strong, will be in accordance with the "ecological environment in Guizhou Province, party and government cadres to interfere with the Interim Measures" for accountability. 
According to the beneficiaries benefit, the user compensation, the polluter compensation principle, Guizhou Province will refer to Wujiang, Chishui River, Qingshui River ecological compensation approach, combined with the actual river basin, explore the establishment of watershed ecological compensation mechanism. 

In the future, Guizhou Province will determine the important ecological protection areas of the river basins according to the relevant normative documents and technical methods of ecological protection according to the carrying capacity of ecological environment in each river basin, delineate the red line of eco-environmental quality and form the ecological protection of river basin System and management measures. 
According to the plan, Guizhou Province will adjust the traditional agricultural industry structure, large-scale farms into the construction project environmental management, scientific planning and layout, and strictly control the watershed livestock and poultry, cage culture scale. At the same time according to local conditions to deal with rural domestic sewage and garbage, the establishment of watershed agricultural and rural pollution remediation system, slowing agricultural non-point source pollution. 
At the same time, Guizhou Province will promote the ecological and environmental protection supervision and administrative law enforcement system reform, the establishment of river water main pollutants in the total control system, establish and improve the pollutant discharge permit system, excessive, super-total emissions of pollutants and no pollution permit Enterprises and institutions to increase the intensity of punishment.