Company News    |      2017-10-26
The two sides of the country ended, but the environmental problem is still a hot topic of concern, the problem of green consumption has become more and more people's attention, as the Prime Minister in answering environmental issues, finally stressed that "if people sometimes difficult to change their own Natural environment, but can change their behavior. " 
CPPCC members Zhang Fengbao that promote green consumption, from daily life, basic necessities, such as eating, pay attention to nutrition balance, put an end to eat and drink; in travel, to promote as much as possible to choose green travel, car. 
In fact, the green consumption in addition to Zhang Fengbao advocate these aspects, but also may not imagine some of the content. 

Recently, by the National Development and Reform Commission and other 10 departments to develop "on the promotion of green consumption guidance" (hereinafter referred to as "opinions") issued. "Opinions" proposed to support the development of sharing the economy, to encourage the effective use of idle resources, the orderly development of the network booking carpool, own vehicle leasing, b & B leasing, the old exchange of use, innovation and supervision, improve the credit system.

"Opinions" issued by the urgent China Agricultural University by the in-depth sampling, get a set of data: China's annual commercial catering area only a day to waste up to 8 million tons of protein, waste of 3 million tons of fat, "If you add canteen, family food Waste, the annual waste of the total amount of food, can feed 250 million to 300 million people. "This is only in the food field, in energy and transportation, living materials and other aspects of our country there is also a shocking waste. 
It seems that the promotion of green consumption is imminent. China's consumer demand continues to grow, the role of consumption-led economic growth is becoming increasingly evident, The direction of transformation is closely related to the impact of the enterprise's products and production methods indirectly affect the environment. Demand for the impact of supply, green consumption can improve the market share of green products, so as to promote production of energy saving, water conservation, environmental protection, comprehensive utilization of resources projects or products. 
"Many of the pollution is in the process of consumption, excessive consumption will enlarge the impact on the environment, pollution, but also the destruction of the ecological environment," said Ma Jun, director of the Center for Public and Environmental Studies at the China Environmental Protection Organization, in an interview. " 

Residents of consumption, green procurement and other highlights the emergence of the "opinions" in detail for the residents of consumption, public institutions and enterprises of green consumption, the National Development and Reform Commission deputy director of the Office of the press, press spokesman Zhao Chen Xin recently held in the near future "The Opinion" fostered three major themes, which was a major highlight of the "opinion", when the theme meeting was concerned with the promotion of green consumption. 
Zhao Chenxin pointed out that nurturing three main body, refers to the cultivation of residents, public institutions, enterprises and other three green consumption of the main. Zhao Chenxin pointed out that one is to guide residents to practice green lifestyle and consumption patterns, to support the development of shared economy, and vigorously promote green products, by 2020, energy efficiency labeling more than 2 energy-saving appliances market share of more than 50%. Second, comprehensively promote the public sector to take the lead in green consumption, "thirteen five" during the creation of 3,000 new public institutions to create a model unit. Third, vigorously promote enterprises to increase the supply of green products and services, green consumption into the "double" activities, and vigorously promote the "Internet green consumption", the implementation of producer responsibility extension system. 
At the same time, Ma Jun that green procurement is the "views" of a major bright spot. 
In the view of Ma Jun, strict implementation of the government's priority procurement and compulsory procurement of energy-saving environmental protection products, expand the scope of government green procurement, improve the standard system and implementation mechanism to improve the scale of government green procurement, which requires environmentally friendly products have environmental labeling. Green procurement must have green products, green supply, encourage enterprises to green supply chain construction, through green consumption forcing enterprises to green production, which is our new understanding of green consumption. 

Drawing on the experience of international experience to promote green consumption in the process of promoting green consumption revolution, will encounter some problems, and these problems or more focused on the consumption of residents. 
Ma Jun believes that the main body of the consumption of individuals is a large number of people, to affect this part of the people is not easy. Residents' consumption is not in the area of enforcement of laws and regulations, so it is more guidance. 
In Bai Pengming, green consumption will encounter the problem of lack of motivation for producers and consumers, that is, producers are forced by cost pressures or profit-driven, there is no power to produce green products, consumers out of the pursuit of cost-effective, There is no power to buy green goods.This requires a green product on the one hand to give tax incentives, on the other hand to heavy energy products to be heavy taxes, to increase the green consumption, green production power. 
"Opinion" has been issued, but how to solve the above problems, how to better promote green consumption is the next need to face the bigger problem. 

Ma Jun that learn from some of the international advanced experience can accelerate the pace of green consumption revolution. For example, in the international community, and environmental protection products are related to the logo has a strong credibility, consumers can fully trust, and the purchase of products with environmental labeling. 
In China, the public awareness of the environmental labeling and trust are very lacking, they do not think that with the environmental labeling of the product can be environmentally friendly, and some in the international credibility of the logo, in our country The promotion also encountered a lot of difficulties. 
Ma Jun, for example, such as the current tropical rain forest was destroyed, palm oil sustainable signs were affixed to the relevant products. International palm oil is mainly used in cosmetics, the amount is limited, and in China, cooking oil, blending oil and even instant noodles are using palm oil, consumption is huge, but because the Chinese people lack understanding, the supplier did not Willing to import products with logo. 
In this regard, Ma Jun suggested that this should learn from abroad, logo certification by the government's monopoly into a social third-party certification, through the more recognized process we have a credibility. 

In addition, there are some international experience worthy of our reference. Zhang Xiaode, deputy director and professor of the Department of Economics at the National School of Administration, said that the Japanese government, in order to encourage the government's green consumption, enacted the "Green Procurement Law" in 2002, which requires governments, enterprises and individuals Need to carry out the protection of the environment procurement activities. It is recommended that the government will levy luxury tax and luxury consumption tax as the government to regulate production and consumption and social wealth redistribution means.