Industry News    |      2017-10-26
In 2015, the average concentration of PM2.5, PM10, SO2, NO2 in Jining City of Shandong Province increased by 10.9%, 9.1%, 18.6% and 8.6% respectively over the previous year, and the number of days increased by 35 days. Province first. 
In order to maintain good air quality, continue to promote the prevention and control of air pollution, Jining City, recently introduced "Jining City, 2016 annual implementation of air pollution prevention and control program", established this year, the main objectives of air pollution control and work tasks. 

This year, the main goal of Jining air pollution prevention and control is the gradual improvement of air quality, blue sky and white clouds and the number of good days increasing, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, PM10, PM2.5 four pollutants were controlled at 56,40,126,75 micrograms / Cubic meters below, the reduction rate of "Shandong Province 2013-2020 air pollution control planning (two)" annual target.

2016 Jining City, the air pollution control a total of industrial pollution control, optimize the industrial layout, energy structure adjustment, urban dust control, motor vehicle exhaust treatment, food fumes and other governance, straw burning and ecological barrier construction and heavy pollution weather emergency eight work tasks. 

In addition, in order to cooperate with the atmosphere management work, Jining City in early March began to air pollution control, "100 days tackling action" to significantly improve the quality of air as the goal to pressure coal, dust, control cars, moving enterprises, Six aspects of the focus, the formation of government guidance, corporate governance, market-driven, public participation in the new mechanism of air pollution prevention and control, refine the task objectives, decomposition of the implementation of various departments, units, neighborhoods.

It is reported that during the 100 days of attack, Jining City Authority to actively carry out open-air barbecue, road dust, vehicle throwing and other special rectification, strengthen measures to vigorously promote the completion of the task, completely solve the barbecue business point (shop) pollution of the atmospheric environment The Vigorously implement the "net dust removal" action, the full implementation of the "5 1" mechanized new mode of operation, the use of sidewalk cleaning and maintenance vehicles, road sweeper, sprinkler, high pressure cleaning car, electric patrol pick up five different functions of mechanized vehicles , Do the road "see the character", clean and no sediment. And strive for the public to create a clean and orderly, beautiful and harmonious urban environment.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that, in promoting the overall quality of environmental protection, "Jining will integrate the ecological concept of economic and social development of all walks of life in the whole process, to build a comprehensive ecological environment protection and construction demonstration area." Jining Municipal Party Committee Secretary Ma Pingchang said. It is understood that Jining City has developed a "on the construction of Jining City to speed up the construction of ecological protection and demonstration of the implementation of the views." Opinions suggested that by 2020, Jining City, the full completion of the demonstration area of the task objectives, the city's industrial solid waste comprehensive utilization rate of 95%, the main renewable resource recycling rate of 74% or more. 

To achieve this goal, Jining environmental protection department took the lead in eating "hard bone", set to the end of June this year, the completion of five coal-fired units ultra-low emission transformation task, start before the end of the six coal-fired units to complete ultra-low emissions, 4 coal-fired boiler flue gas treatment, three cement companies and a coking business flue gas management task of the "military order."

The first part of the new transport sector 380 pure electric buses into urban and rural bus lines operation. Township, rural and rural areas are vigorously develop the straw field technology, only this year to invest 57 million to buy straw return to machinery, the past two years Jining City straw rate of 98.7% or more.