Company News    |      2017-10-26
(Hereinafter referred to as "opinions"), the energy supply side and the demand side are put forward based on the wisdom of the Internet model development strategy, emphasizing the traditional energy production, transmission, Storage, consumption and energy market should be the depth of integration with the Internet, and gradually form a new form of development of the energy industry, residents living a new atmosphere. And the use of the first pilot after the promotion of the way. Building the global energy Internet, in addition to the need for policy support, but also what technical support? 

Power technology 

To clean energy-led, electricity as the center of the energy pattern, determines the power technology in the future energy development in the key role. Its core is to continuously improve the efficiency of clean energy development and economy, focusing on areas including wind power, solar power, marine power generation and distributed power technology. These technological breakthroughs are the driving force behind the construction of the global energy Internet, which is important to promote global energy development and clean. Including wind power technology, solar power technology, marine power generation technology, distributed power technology and so on.

Power grid technology 

Electricity as the center, the global allocation of energy development pattern, determines the power grid technology in the future energy development in the key role, need to continuously improve the power transmission capacity, configuration capacity and economy, focusing on all aspects of the power system to speed up the strong smart grid Technology, comprehensive innovation, the main areas include UHV transmission technology and equipment, submarine cable technology, superconducting transmission technology, DC power grid technology, micro-grid technology and large power grid operation control technology. These technological breakthroughs are an important foundation for building a global energy Internet. 

Energy storage technology 

Energy storage technology is generally divided into thermal energy storage and energy storage, smart grid and new energy development is one of the main technologies. Energy storage technology has five key evaluation indicators, namely, battery cycle life, scale, security, efficiency, cost. At present, the core of energy storage technology is the cost of the problem. Large-scale energy storage can reduce the impact on the grid, can reduce the redundant peak power plant. 

Information and Communication Technology 

Information and communication technology is considered to be an important driving force for social development and world economic growth in the 21st century. It is a fusion of various technologies and a cross-border integration with various industries, which is bringing about profound industrial revolution. To adapt to the development of global energy Internet, the rapid growth of information and communication, the scope of information and communication expanded significantly, it is necessary to information security, real-time, reliability requirements more stringent, which is urgently needed in the field of information and communication technology more Big innovation and breakthrough. Information and communication technology is an important foundation for realizing intelligent, interactive and large power grid operation control, mainly including information and communication technology. Information technology focuses on the encoding or decoding of information and is a technology for the collection, identification, extraction, transformation, storage, delivery, processing, retrieval, detection, analysis and utilization of information. Communication technology is focused on the transmission of information transmission technology, including transmission access, network switching, mobile communications, wireless communications, optical fiber communications, satellite communications, support management, private network communications technology. 

Global Energy Internet, a new blueprint for human green and low carbon development, has been widely praised and responded to the world, opening new avenues for climate change and opening a new era for sustainable human development.